Join us for one of three shifts of Jumaa held outdoors at Tarbiya House Roseville and Tarbiya House Natomas – 12:15 PM, 1:30 PM & 2:45 PM. Please arrive early to secure a spot, we will allow attendees on a first-come, first-serve basis until we reach capacity. All Jumaa attendees must be 8 years or older. Please note that there is no upper age restriction in place for Jumaa attendees. We ask that all Jumaa attendees take appropriate precautionary safety measures. Please contact us at info@tarbiya.org or (916) 800-4111 with any questions

Project: Sunday School


The Pandemic has forced parents to make some difficult decisions regarding their child’s education. At Tarbiya, we feel that you shouldn’t have to choose between your child’s safety or their Islamic education at this crucial stage of their development as Muslims. We put our best minds together and are so proud to introduce to you Project: Sunday School!

This is way more than just screentime and busy work! Along with our full Islamic and Quranic Studies curriculum, we are offering:

Hands-on projects that engage them as they engage their Faith

Flexible, self-paced assignments with regular assessments

Weekly Zoom and FlipGrid sessions with qualified teachers

Our new Grassroom for optional safe, in-person class and social time!

Distance-learning support for parents and students!

Insha Allah Sunday School will continue to be a beautiful way to nurture the future of our community.













We have been blessed with an opportunity to build a house of worship.
Please consider sponsoring a prayer spot, contributing to the general renovation fund, or sponsoring an item from our wishlist.




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