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Tarbiya 360 is the department of Youth Development for Tarbiya Institute, aimed at serving the youth from birth through college.
Tarbiya 360 is a comprehensive youth endeavor aiming at the transformation and empowerment of Muslim youth to fully prepare them spiritually and mentally for successful college years and a promising career. The 360 approach focuses on the mind, body and soul, and all of our programs will incorporate lessons and activities that target these three areas. Unlike other youth programs, Tarbiya 360 attempts to be a fully comprehensive program that addresses the real needs of Muslim youth. While Islamic learning and education are integral to the program, much emphasis is given to developing leadership skills, teaching social manners, making sound school and career choices, and bringing balance to the youth’s Muslim and American identity.

2015 – 2016 Youth Commission
Youth Commission

Congratulations 2015-2016 Tarbiya 360 Youth Commission members! We have selected a very talented group of high school and college students from various parts of the Tri County area. Our first meeting was held on Monday, October 19th to kick-off an exciting new journey. This year’s commissioners are: Halima Allahyar, Rukhsar Amin-Rahbar, Ali Saeed, Mariya Ahmadi, Kaleemah Muttaqi, Adam Ismail, Dilnoza Khudoyberganova, and Rawan Khalili. These bright, young, active community members are very passionate about developing important programs and activities for the youth in our community. May Allah reward them and their families for their dedication to our community. Ameen.

Contact Us

  • 360@tarbiya.org
  • (916) 541-3865
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