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Tarbiya 360

One of the biggest problems parents face in the summer is to help their kids engage in useful activities and not waste their time watching TV or playing on their phones and tablets and other electronic gadgets.

What if we can turn summer into an opportunity for learning, spiritual growth, acquiring skills, and building brotherhood and sisterhood?

Well, your prayers have just been answered! Tarbiya Institute is pleased to announce the official launch of its “Tarbiya 360” Summer program for children and youth, grades KG to 8th!

The Summer of Heroes

Our Islamic history is filled with great men and women who brought great contributions to the world. They set the bar high and paved the way for us to follow in every field. These were true heroes!

This Summer, at the Tarbiya 360 Summer Camp, we will dedicate each day to one of these Muslim heroes. Each day, your child will spend their time learning about that hero, their qualities, putting it into practice, and understanding it’s relevance to his/her daily life. By the end of camp, not only will the campers learn about our heroes, they will be inspired to take them as role models, follow their example and their way of life. 

Program Details

  • Date: July 8th to August 1st.
  • Sessions: Weekly (Monday thru Thursday).
  • Full Day: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • Location: Tarbiya House – Roseville: 1836 Sierra Gardens Dr. Unit 100, Roseville, CA 95661.
                   Tarbiya House – Natomas: 1164 National Dr. Unit 30, Sacramento, CA 95834
  • Summer Camp Program: Kindergarten to 5th Grade.
  • Leadership Camp: 6th Grade to 8th Grade campers will be tasked with special assignments.

Program Sessions
  • Session 1: July 8th – July 11th
  • Session 2: July 15th – July 18th
  • Session 3: July 22nd – July 25th
  • Session 4: July 29th – August 1st

Program Fees (KG to 8th Grade)

You may register for the entire summer or specific weeks.

Full Day
$159per week
One Day Pass
$50per day

Sponsor a Child

If you believe that all children should have the opportunity to attend summer camp, please sponsor their participation.

Make A Gift Now!

Discounts & Special Offers

We love having you as part of the Tarbiya 360 family and are pleased to offer a number of ways to help you save this summer.

Sibling Discounts:

  • Save 10% off the second child’s tuition from your family (and any subsequent sibling) enrolled for the summer.

Multi Session Discounts:

  • Save 5% when you enroll your camper for all four weeks.

Summer Camp Program (KG to 8th Grade)
Full Day Program
  • Morning Assembly
  • Qur’anic Studies
  • Sunnah Workshops
  • Fun Activities
  • Social Time
  • Morning Snack
  • Field trips
  • Salat
  • Outdoor Activity
  • Lunch Break
  • Guest Speakers


Camp Counselors

It all starts with our outstanding camp counselors!

A camp is only as good as its staff, and we are extremely proud of ours.  Talent, creativity, love of children, leadership, upright moral character, commitment to Islamic practices and devotion make our camp counselors the heart and soul of the program.  We take our camp programs seriously and begin our summer with intensive staff training and orientation, including CPR & First Aid Certification. Tarbiya 360 Summer Camp counselors and specialists are doing exactly what they enjoy most:  spending a summer inspiring campers to explore, reach new heights, and expand their horizons.

Open Positions

Camp Counselor

Assistant Camp Coordinator

Qur’an Counselor

Apply Now!

Any effort of this scale requires the support of the community. Our summer camp has been organized and managed primarily by staff, but volunteers enhance our efforts! 
Parent Volunteers
If you have a child enrolled in the program and would like to help make their experience an unforgettable one, we invite your participation with open arms. We prefer parent help with some of the daily activities, snack preparation and, as chaperones on our weekly field trips.
Student Volunteers
If you’re looking to learn some new skills such as program management, classroom instruction, activity coordination, office administration and would like to earn volunteer hours for school, Summer Camp is the place for you. All potential volunteers will be interviewed and admitted on a case by case basis. This is the ideal volunteer opportunity for high school and college students interested in giving back to their community.

What is Tarbiya?

Tarbiya is a derivative of the Arabic word “Rabb” or Lord. It describes the process of achieving a godly character in individual, family, and community through a comprehensive process of Education, spirituality and the building of life skills.

The foundation of Tarbiya is the Qur’an itself.

In surat al-Imraan, Allah (swt) describes the purpose for which he sent prophets and messengers and says:

“لقد من الله على المؤمنين إذ بعث فيهم رسولا من أنفسهم يتلو عليهم آياته ويزكيهم ويعلمهم الكتاب والحكمة وإن كانوا من قبل لفي ضلال مبين

“Indeed, God bestowed a favor upon the believers when he raised up in their midst an apostle from among themselves, to convey His messages unto them, and to cause them to grow in purity, and to impart unto them the divine writ as well as wisdom” (al-Imraan 164).

In other words, the purpose of prophethood is to teach humanity God’s messages (education), cause them to grow in purity (spirituality) and to teach them wisdom (life-skills). These are the purposes of Tarbiya Institute and all the programs it conducts.

What is Tarbiya 360?

Tarbiya 360 is a comprehensive youth endeavor aiming at the transformation and empowerment of Muslim youth to fully prepare them spiritually and mentally for successful college years and a promising career. Unlike other youth programs, Tarbiya 360 attempts to be a fully comprehensive program that addresses the real needs of Muslim youth. While Islamic learning and education are integral to the program, much emphasis is given to developing leadership skills, teaching social manners, making sound school and career choices, and bringing balance to the youth’s Muslim and American identity.

What is Tarbiya 360 Summer Camp?

It’s a summer camp for age groups kindergarten to 8th grade. The program is divided into two categories: Summer Camp program, KG to 5th grade and the Leadership Camp program, 6th to 8th grade.

The program is conducted 4 days a week, with the full-time program running from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Daily passes are also available for those who would like to attend the program on selected dates. Sessions are divided up into weeks.

Where is the program being held?

Tarbiya House Roseville: 1836 Sierra Gardens Dr. Unit 100, Roseville, CA 95661.

Tarbiya House Natomas: 1164 National Dr. Unit 3-, Sacramento, CA 95834

How are Camp Counselors selected?

Our Camp Counselors, mentors, and instructors are qualified educators with experience in private and public schools, a track record of volunteering in the Muslim community and an upright moral character. Most of our counselors are/were involved in halaqa and Islamic learning programs. To ensure quality, our counselors are paid full-time for the duration of summer.

What will the kids be learning?

We at Tarbiya believe that the best way to help the children and youth grow mentally and spiritually is through hands-on activities, mentorship, and long-term behavioral modeling. While they will still learn Qur’an, Islamic studies, and Arabic, the majority of the day will be spent on field trips, art and crafts, team building activities, sports, etc.

How much will the program cost?

Here’s a breakdown of pricing packages:

  • Full-time program: $159 per week.
  • One day pass: $50 per day.
  • Families will get a 10% discount on the second and subsequent siblings.
  • Registering for all 4 weeks at once will afford you a 5% discount on the entire cost.
Why can’t the program be free?

In order to ensure the highest quality, Tarbiya needs to hire qualified employees in order to serve our children and youth in the best manner possible. From a program coordinator to teachers and mentors, charging fees for the program is the only way to ensure both quality and sustainability while restricting the dependence on donations.

If I cannot afford the fees, will there be scholarships?

Scholarships are very limited. We will have to assess requests on a case by case basis. In general, if you would like to be considered for a scholarship for one or more of your kids, you have to be willing to give volunteer hours to the program. Please email us at 360@tarbiya.org.

Will background checks and fingerprinting be conducted for teachers and mentors?

Yes. Tarbiya 360 screens all teachers and mentors prior to the beginning of the program. The safety of the children is our highest priority.

Will Tarbiya 360 be an ongoing program?

Tarbiya is trying to maintain consistent programs year round. Based on how this program is received, we will likely offer it in the summer of next year as well inshaa’ Allah. In addition to that, Tarbiya is planning to offer an after-school program starting this fall inshaa’ Allah. In addition to that, we are rolling out a program for teenagers soon. Stay tuned for more information.

Who is eligible to participate in our Tarbiya 360 Summer Camp Program?

Tarbiya 360 Summer Camp is open community-wide to children who are entering Kindergarten through Eighth grade in the 2015-2016 school year.

Our Mentorship Program is open to youth who are entering 9th grade through 12th Grade in the 2015-2016 school year.

Do you have information about lunch/snacks?

Families will need to provide a lunch meal every day. We will offer snacks daily.

PLEASE NOTE: we do not provide microwaves or refrigerators for student use.

What about personal electronic devices and cell phones?

Due to our busy summer schedule, we do NOT allow campers to bring any personal electronic devices to camp; this includes cell phones, smartphones, tablets, Ipads, Kindles, or personal gaming devices. If you need to contact your child during the day, please call the Coordinator at  (916)572-8252.

What is the deadline for signing up for camp?

You can sign up as long as there’s space available, online, right up to 11:59 pm on the Sunday before the session starts.

Can my Tarbiya 360 camper join his/her sibling/friend in an older/younger age group?

As our curriculum and activities are designed specifically for each age level, we strongly discourage grade group hopping. If your camper is concerned about seeing friends who are in a different grade group, remember that campers eat lunch together and participate in all-camp activities and games throughout the week.

How do you deal with serious allergies at camp?

We take allergies very seriously. As part of the sign-up process, you’ll complete a detailed health history form with any information we should know about your camper’s allergies. We send this information to the staff at your camp location. Before camp begins, we welcome you to contact your Camp Director (we’ll send you contact information in early June) to talk through any concerns or specific instructions you may have.

We designate nut-free tables at all of our camps during snack times and lunch and enforce a strict hand-washing policy. All staff members are trained to administer an EpiPen in the event of an emergency.

Does the camp serve children with special needs?

Our camps aren’t specifically designed to accommodate special needs. To help decide if our camps are right for you, please give us a call. We also welcome camper aides but require all aides who attend camp to complete a background check before camp begins.

It’s a big school – how do you keep supervision on so many children?

Tarbiya 360 campers are never alone – even trips to the restroom happen with a buddy or group – and our staff is trained to take attendance every 15 minutes and during every transition.

My child has a severe allergy. What precautions do you take to keep them safe?

Our staff members are trained in how to recognize the signs of anaphylactic shock and administer an EpiPen if needed. EpiPens brought to camp will remain with the camper and supervising staff member at all times. Our staff also keeps campers’ health history, provided during the enrollment process, handy in case it is needed. Campers with tree nut and other food allergies enjoy lunch in a nut-free zone, supervised by a staff member.

What if my child gets hurt?

We do everything we can to keep your campers safe, but we’re prepared to support them in the event of an injury. At least 2 staff on every campus are first-aid and CPR certified. We notify all parents about minor injuries (like scraped knees) during the check-out process every day. In the event of a more serious injury, we call 911 if needed, and notify the parents or guardians immediately.

How do I know your staff is trustworthy?

Our staff goes through a rigorous 5-stage interview process that includes: application, phone interview, in-person interview, reference check, and criminal background check. Those that meet our standards are invited to join the Tarbiya 360 team. Once hired, all staff receives at least 2 full days of training, followed by ongoing supervision and professional development provided by their Camp Director.

How do you know the right child is going home with the right adult?

Our staff is required to check for a photo ID and cross checks it with the list of people that you have authorized to pick up your child. Please be prepared to bring your photo ID each day at check out.

Do you have protocol in the event of an emergency, like a fire?

We have evacuation plans at our site and camp staff is trained on what to do in the event of almost any emergency, including earthquakes, fire, airborne exposures, and much more.

What if my camper loses something at camp?

We have a place for that. Our camp has a lost and found, kept in a designated spot throughout the summer. If you think an item of yours was left behind at camp, check with your Camp Director and chances are, we’ll find it. Unfortunately, we are unable to store lost and found items once camp is over, so don’t wait to start your search—we will donate any unclaimed items on the final day of camp.

What should my camper wear/bring to camp?

Campers should wear casual modest clothing that can get dirty and comfortable shoes for indoor and outdoor activities.

Please pack your camper a lunch and a water bottle. Campers should arrive with sunscreen already applied and may want to bring a hat and additional sunscreen.

Contact Us

  • 360@tarbiya.org
  • (916) 800-4111


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