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Manners Matter: Summer Camp in a Box!

Tarbiya 360

One of the biggest problems parents face in the summer is to help their kids engage in useful activities and not waste their time watching TV or playing on their phones and tablets and other electronic gadgets.

What if we can turn summer into an opportunity for learning, spiritual growth, acquiring skills, and building brotherhood and sisterhood?

COVID-19 has required us to adjust, but not to quit! Although we cannot meet with the children in person yet, we are proud to announce this year’s program and we look forward to connecting with the children this Summer!”

Manners Matter: Summer Camp in a Box!

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect of our social lives, and Summer Break is no exception. The kids are out of school, they’ve raided your pantry for snacks and of course they’re tempted to binge-watch every cartoon on Netflix. Why not keep them happy, engaged and connected to their community instead, with our first ever Summer Camp in a Box!

This Summer, to support our children’s emotional wellness and maturity, we are focusing on four different aspects of Akhlaq, or good Islamic manners. Every Monday, you can pick up a box at Tarbiya House Roseville or Tarbiya House Natomas filled with activities, crafts and assignments tailored to your child’s age. We’ll also host a live online playdate for each group every week so they can learn from our teachers and interact with each other. The cost is all inclusive, and covers all materials and the online class. 

Program Details
  • Date: July 6th to July 30th
  • Weekly Zoom Meetings (Wednesdays) by Individual Age Group
  • Pick-Up Location: Tarbiya House – Roseville: 10031 Foothills Blvd., Roseville CA 95747 OR Tarbiya House Natomas: 1164 National Dr., Suite 30, Sacramento CA 95834

    Program Sessions
    • Session 1: July is 6th – July 11th (Honor Your Parents)
    • Session 2: July 13th – July 16th (When Anger Strikes)
    • Session 3: July 20th – July 23rd (Honesty & Keeping Promises)
    • Session 4: July 27th – July 30th (Helping & Caring)

    Program Fees (Ages 3-12)

    You may register for the entire four weeks or one week.

    All Four Sessions
    $145Discounted Rate

    Sponsor a Child

    If you believe that all children should have the opportunity to attend summer camp, please sponsor their participation.

    Make A Gift Now!

    Contact Us

    • 360@tarbiya.org
    • (916) 800-4111

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