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  • STARTMay 12th - 1:15pm

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Tarbiya House Natomas – 1st Jumaa

Tarbiya Institute is often recognized by its logo and the beautiful tree that grows of a pencil. It signifies growth that is inspired by learning and spiritual enrichment. But it also reflects how trees grow. While a tree grows taller over time, its base grows wider, its branches grow farther and the tree is able to offer its shade to bigger space.

The Tarbiya Institute has been growing taller in Roseville, alhamdulillah. With the grace of Allah(swt) and the support of the community, we are also branching out to another location in Natomas.

On May 12th, our Sacramento community is invited to attend the grand opening Jumaa at the newly launched Tarbiya House – Natomas at 1:15 pm.
Location: 1900 Terracina Dr. Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95834.

At that new location, we will offer Jumaa, Ramadan program and Taraweeh, an extension of the 360 Summer Camp, and in the fall, Sunday School and After-School programs will be offered. The goal is that by the summer of 2018, The Natomas Tarbiya House will be fully operational much like the Roseville location inshaAllah.

Our growth in Roseville means more space for Jumaa, Tafseerah, Ramadan, additional programs and more children and adults in those programs, but it’s certainly time for the branches to offer more shade in more locations. Tarbiya House – Natomas is the manifestation of that growing shade.

We are indebted to Allah(swt) for guiding us achieve this tall order, and to our countless volunteers and supporters who continue to believe in our vision. If you hope to benefit from our new location, please consider becoming a part of the effort to make it sustainable. Consider making a monthly gift to Tarbiya Institute in an amount that you and your family are comfortable with.



May 12, 2017
1:15 pm - 2:00 pm


Tarbiya Institute
(916) 800-4111


Tarbiya House Natomas
1900 Terracina Dr. Suite 100, Sacramento, CA, 95834, United States.
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