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  • STARTDec 10th - 5:00pm

  • ENDDec 10th - 10:00pm

  • VENUECalifornia State University (Union Ballroom)

  • TICKET PRICE10$ - 315$

Sacramento Grand Mawlid

There is no man that ever walked the face of this earth that holds more regard, honor and love by Allah (swt) than the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
Every Muslim, practicing or not, of any persuasion, school of thought, or madhab, loves the Prophet (pbuh) in boundless terms.

In this day and age, Rasool-ul-Allah (Salla Allahu alayhi wasallam) is often the subject of attacks, mockery, and offense. This is sometimes driven by malice, but mostly ignorance.
For the last few years, Sacramento has witnessed an annual event to revive the legacy of the Prophet (pbuh) and honor the Man and his message.
There stands no better opportunity to demonstrate the life of the Prophet (pbuh) to our community, Muslim and otherwise, than the annual Mohammad event.

Join us with your entire family, for a night of inspiration, spirituality and remembrance, honoring the most beloved (Salla Allahu alayhi wasallam).

Purchase tickets, and use them to invite your non-Muslim friends and neighbors for a night to remember.


Table (10 Seats)$315.0010 seats for the price of 9
Childcare (3y to 12y) Early Bird$10.00Childcare early bird - before 11/26/17
General Admission (Early Bird)$35.00GA ticket - before 11/26/17


December 10
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
10$ - 315$


Tarbiya Institute


California State University (Union Ballroom)
6000 J St, Sacramento, CA, 95819, United States.
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