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  • STARTSep 28th - 8:00pm

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  • VENUENatomas Tarbiya House

Pioneering Imams

In this compelling series, Imam Azeez of the Tarbiya Institute will cover six of the most compelling figures in Islamic history and their unmatched contributions to the faith!

The Pioneering Imams series is an in-depth exploration of the life and times of six scholars and teachers in Islamic history that had the largest impact on Muslims around the world and to this day. With each Imam, we will explore their personal biography, their historical and geographical context, the journeys that guided their studies, their methodologies, and reasoning, and their contributions that impact us even today. In many ways, we are indebted to these six great Imams and through this series we will commemorate them.

This series will be conducted on selected Friday evenings over the next few months at the Tarbiya House Natomas. We will cover:

-Imam Aby Hanifa on February 23
-Imam Malik on April 27
-Imam Shafi’i on July 27
-Imam Ahmed on September 28
-Imam Ja’far on October 26
-Imam Ghazali on November 30

Programs start at 7:00 PM and the address is:
1164 National Dr. Unit 30
Sacramento, CA 95834


September 28, 2018
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Tarbiya Institute
(916) 800-4111


Natomas Tarbiya House
1164 W. National Dr. Suite 30, Sacramento, CA, 95834, United States.
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